Christiane Link is a passionate speaker who can engage with audiences around the world in two languages, German and English. She speaks about technology, business, media, accessibility, equal rights, inclusion and equality. She lives in London, UK and accepts speaker engagements worldwide. Christiane is an inspiring and fresh voice with a different perspective of the world we live in.

Here is an example of one of her talks for a conference organised by ZEIT Online. DIE ZEIT is Germany’s leading weekly.

Sample topics

Why “NO” is not an answer

“When people tell you, you can’t. Just do it.”

When Christiane was a child, she had a dream. She wanted to become a journalist. She loved to watch TV news and dreamed about covering politics and current affairs. “You must be quick as a journalist, that’s not a job for a wheelchair user” she was told. The job advisor at school told her to become a switchboard operator. She learned very early not to listen to people who stop you. Not in business, not in life.

Fall in love with technology

“Technology has enabled me to live the life I live today.”

Christiane is a geek. She loves gadgets. She would never go anywhere without her mobile. Other people are more reluctant to accept technology as part of her life but also for less geeky people, tech is nothing to be scared of. It’s a gift. Christiane believes, it’s essential to embrace technology if you want to further your goals. Even if technology is often not perfect, it is possible to fall in love with tech.

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