Christiane Link Christiane Link is a journalist and award-winning businesswoman. She is the founder and Director of Ortegalink Ltd. As a journalist based in London, she mainly covers UK current affairs for German media outlets.

She has worked for leading media companies in Germany and the UK. After her Master’s degree in Political Science at the University of Hamburg, she started working for Germany’s leading news agency dpa. She covered events around the world, from the US to India, before moving to the UK to work for the BBC.

In 2008 she founded the only German-language newspaper in the UK. After five successful years, she sold the newspaper. In 2008 Christiane was selected as “Female Entrepreneur of the year” by Newham College in London.

She writes and talks about German and British politics, current affairs, media, culture, disability, IT and social media.

Recent clients include ZEIT Online, BBC, epd, epd medien, Übermedien, WIRED Germany, The Guardian and Deutschlandradio.

She has been invited to speak at a number of international events in the UK, in several European countries and the US.

Her German weblog Behindertenparkplatz won the BOBs award from Deutsche Welle (DW) TV. The BOBs (Best of the Blogs) is the world’s largest international weblog competition, founded in 2004 and sponsored by Deutsche Welle, the German International Broadcasting Service.

Christiane loves flying and is passionate about access to public transport for all. As a wheelchair user herself, she believes everyone should be able to travel the world and live life to the full. In accordance with this belief, she has developed disability equality training as well as accessibility consulting, and Ortegalink Ltd has delivered this to enterprises of all sizes from small businesses to Stock Exchange-listed companies, including leading airlines like Lufthansa and transport providers.

In 2012 she performed at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony, directed by Danny Boyle, returning a month later to participate in the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics.