Christiane Link is a passionate speaker who can engage with audiences around the world in two languages, German and English. She speaks about technology, business, media, accessibility, equal rights, inclusion and equality. She lives in London, UK and accepts speaker engagements worldwide. Christiane is an inspiring and fresh voice with a different perspective of the world we live in.

Some events and places where Christiane was invited to speak:

  • re-publica in Berlin
  • CSUN in San Diego
  • German convention bureau
  • ZEIT Online conference in Berlin
  • Mobil Dialog in Bremen
  • Der andere DIALOG in Vienna
  • Landesjugendakademie in Altenkirchen
  • Diakonie in Cologne
  • Law Centres network conference in Birmingham
  • Light for the world in Vienna
  • Transport museum in Coventry
  • Accessible transport conference in Belfast
  • University of Bayreuth
  • European parliament in Brussels
  • London Assembly
  • House of Lords

Here is an example of one of her talks for a conference organised by ZEIT Online. DIE ZEIT is Germany’s leading weekly.